We love what we do: Turning great creative ideas into beautiful pictures.  Fun but organised, mad but grounded, experienced but fresh, the Steel team have been producing for over 15 years and have a wealth of experience working in Africa and the Indian Ocean islands. We tailor make each production according to the individual needs of our clients, handpicking our support team of crew to ensure that every production delivers the results our clients are looking for while being seamlessly smooth and on budget.

Why Africa

It’s got everything, and everything is jaw-dropping-amazing: Sunrises, Beaches, Vistas, Houses, Mountains, Architecture, Forests, Deserts, Cityscapes, Pools, Plains, Farms, Streets, Winelands, Wildlife, Colours, Skies, Roads, Rivers, Shops, Infrastructure, Waves, Great White sharks, Variety, Light, Weather, Boerewors, Bunnychows, Markets, Ostrich Races, Secret Surf Spots, Christmas time weather, Star-Gazing, Biltong, Sunsets…

Why Steel

We’re a family and a home from home. Our team has worked together all over the world for many years and we’ve done great things together. It takes superb organisation, keen attention to detail, unmatched team spirit, years of experience and a very odd ball sense of humour. We deliver a first class production service and memories of good times doing great things.

The Steel Team



Andre honed his people skills driving boats & wrangling stingrays in the Cayman islands until the call of the real world brought him back to production. Andre laughs in the face of impossible, loves a challenge and can rally the troops on set into having a good time even when the going gets tough. He’s seldom not dreaming about fishing and will jump at the chance to introduce any unsuspecting visitor to the secret streams of our mountains or the tuna runs of the deep blue.



Caryn’s been doing production long enough to know what a clip test and a faxed model brief are. Her skill is remaining the calm eye in a storm and a Tetris demon’s knack at making schedules and budgets work. She’s always up for a walk and it’s not unusual for team members to find themselves with her on top of Lions Head for sunrise before they leave Cape Town.


Wes has been a part of the Steel Familia for nearly a decade. If you’ve experienced one of our incredible setups of luxury in the middle of nowhere, chances are Wes was the guy making it happen. Few people in the game are as detail orientated, or better at putting together logistics for a shoot of any size and any environment. Wes is Cape Town born and bred and has an unsurpassed knowledge of this city’s wonderful & undiscovered locales and a passion for sharing them with our clients.

Amy & Anné

Also known as Amyzing and Annézing, these two can make things happen like nobody’s business. Super organised and efficient they are responsible for making sure a lot of the magic is in place before you even arrive for your production and tying up a lot of the loose ends after you leave.  Their uncanny ability to coordinate their wardrobe regularly is sure proof of their supernatural planning powers!

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