HP Enterprise

Photographer: Jim Hughes & Dustin Aksland

Image Design Works brought their fantastic HPE clients out to Cape Town from San Francisco to take advantage of the multitude of diverse and unique locations we have on hand here. Affording us a good few months of preproduction, meant we were able to work on accessing very difficult and off limits locations for this incredible shoot. Heavy metal working plants, incredible ship building facilities, beautiful high tech offices, as well as taking advantage of the multitude of streets, café’s, stores and jaw dropping natural locations we have to offer, the HPE team saw it all. An incredible client team from HPE, the photography team of Jim Hughes and Dustin Askland and creative team from IDW, were such a pleasure to work with from start to finish, and the first shoot of our 2016/2017 season set the tone for an amazing couple of months of season ahead.    
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